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AGL Consultores is a professional firm dedicated to legal and financial advice since 1969, comprising a dynamic, multidisciplinary and highly specialised team of qualified professionals, organised into departments to handle Legal and Financial matters. Entity certified as a PAE Point (Entrepreneur Helpdesk) by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade for the formation of companies and registration of self-employed workers. Member of a IusTime, international network of consultants,  with national and international service, allowing us to provide swift and reliable consultancy services. Fully aware that Barcelona is the ideal city for entrepreneurs to start their businesses, our team of professionals, with the invaluable help of experts in aspects like business engineering and analysis, is the ideal road companion for business owners who need quality legal support especially in the initial stage. LWe offer A COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE at your disposal. Send us your queries without any obligations.


Our customers’ opinions are very important to us

Global Praxis Group, S.A. and Global Praxis, S.L. would like to express their full satisfaction with the work carried out by the professional team at Asesoría García López during our 17-year of collaboration. In particular, their services in labour and employment matters have been provided with optimal response times, quality and satisfaction levels, thus streamlining our business activities.


Chief Financial Officer, Global Praxis Group

… One day, the firm called me and said I should check my “self-employed contributions” and when I told them I thought I was already paying enough, Mr. Martínez replied that, since we’re the same age, we should be paying the same. When a person who gives advice demands the same for you as for himself, he earns your respect and maximum confidence. My sincere thanks.


Manager, Fotocopias Diagonal

A relative recommended the law firm to me. I sent them an email explaining my case (VERY COMPLEX) because it concerned a dismissal aggravated by disability. They were incredible; the first thing I want to highlight is their friendly, approachable, down-to-earth and highly professional attention, particularly the lawyer who took my case, Maria José, who furthermore referred me to experts in other related matters. Whenever I had any doubts, they were there for me and I appreciate that. I am very grateful for all the help they gave me, and I unreservedly recommend their services. My warmest regards go to the whole team.


Self-Employed Worker

For 40 years we have relied on Asesoría García López. Throughout this time, they have shown great professionalism with the efforts, excellent approach and attention of the whole team. They have never failed us and have always resolved our doubts, guiding us in the better and clearer management of our company.


Director, Frusach