Digital Certificate

Digital Certificate

Due to its compulsory nature for receiving notices addressed to companies and independent workers, the digital certificate must be obtained for almost all Tax and Social Security procedures.

With your certificate you can access notifications from the Tax Agency, regional institutions, traffic authorities, city council and Social Security, among other organisations.

Our office offers you different ways to obtain your Digital Certificate:


FNMT - Real Casa de la Moneda


Applicants must turn up at Social Security or Tax offices identify themselves and sign.


Individual        €35,00 + VAT

Legal entity     €35,00 + VAT + 29,04 (FNMT Fees)


Camerfirma - Certificado Digital


It’s processed in AGL


Individual         €74,00 + VAT

Legal entity     €103,00 + VAT


In addition to obtaining the digital certificate we can hel you to install i and register for purposes of notifications from the different official agencies.