Our story

Our story

With extensive knowledge about the world of work: from a port company to a mining operator; from haulage to construction materials, our founder, José García López, was sufficiently familiar with the employment sector to start his own consultancy firm after earning a degree in Labour Relations.

In 1969 this was an unknown activity, which began its journey with boldness, know-how, experience, tenacity and above all, THE MOTIVATION TO DO THE JOB WELL. It all started with an office of 50 m2 in calle Violante de Hungría, Barcelona. Eleven years later we moved to Gran Vía Carlos III, with an area of 130 m2, which was extended two years later by further 130 m2.

The demands of our companies and clients and the inertia of new tax, accounting, trade, and procedural requirements etc., have obliged us to continue expanding in order to firmly defend our clients with proper advice, comprehensive service and good practice.

We have a staff of economists, lawyers, employment relations graduates, administrative managers, tax advisors and accountants, who represent our main assets in meeting new challenges in terms of quality (ISO 9001) and information technology (Red system, PAE…).

We have been in business for over 50 years, having experienced the ups and downs of the world of work in good and not so good times, always moving forward, albeit with greater difficulties and more slowly at times, but always moving forward.

The new generation is at its peak, with a background and experience of more than 25 years… quite a track record!

This, in short, is the story of AGL.